Orthodontics while you sleep approval process

Align your teeth while you sleep!

Orthodontics while you sleep turns your nighttime into orthodontic treatment time. For just 10 hours a night, and without having to wear appliances during the day, you can undergo proven and effective orthodontic treatment at a pace in harmony with your lifestyle. By using physiological force that is more effective, Orthodontics while you sleep can accelerate treatment time. Suitable for all ages, you set the pace. If you want to finish your orthodontic treatment by a certain date, you can accelerate the treatment by wearing the device for longer than the minimum. While you sleep, the Orthodontics while you sleep system is hard at work. Using safe, pulsating pneumatic force that mimics the normal, natural physiology of the body, Orthodontics while you sleep gradually straightens your teeth to the desired position and occlusion. And during the day,at school, work or at play, no one will know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The system is made up of the following components:

  • Aero teeth

    Personal Orthodontic Device :

    A custom-made thermo-plastic mold that fits over your teeth with an integrated inflatable silicon balloon. The mouthpiece is specifically designed for you and produced from orthodontic sheets by vacuum forming technology using CAD/CAM manufacturing and 3D imaging.

  • Aerodentis cleaner

    Control Console :

    A small easy-to-operate console with a user-friendly interface. It houses the electronics, air pump system and pressure sensor that measures and controls the electronic pulsating force level in real-time. An easy to use smart card enables patient compliance monitoring.

Please fill out the information below for Aeordentis to approve your treatment:


Show us your teeth !

Take your cell phone or digital camera photos and do some photos, similar to the examples below. You can do this yourself, but it is easier to have someone who can help you, so you can use your fingers to pull the lips back*



(Press on your back teeth as usual and make a smile as great as possible.)



(Use two fingers to pull the lips back as far as you can.)



(Use two fingers to pull the lips back as far as you can.)

Front slightly between open


(This is easier to do if you can use two fingers of each hand to pull your lips back, so it might help if someone could take the picture)*

Upper teeth


(Use two fingers to draw as high as you can lips. Show us the masticatory teeth surfaces.)

Lower teeth


(Use two fingers to draw as low as you can lips. Show us the masticatory teeth surfaces.)



(Take a picture of one of your profiles tightly on posterior teeth.)

Do you have any questions ?

Your photographs will be forwarded to Orthodontics while you sleep for case approval. We will let you know within 4 business days if Orthodontics while you sleep will accept your case.

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