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Clinique d' offers top-quality care, affordable payments, and a large selection of treatment options, making the choice of where to go easy.

Newest Generation of Orthodontics. Treatment in months instead of years without braces or aligners.


Discover treatment options and cost estimates in about 30 minutes.Our free initial exams include 3D scanning, and photos, and treatment can often be started the same day.Or just click on our eConsult button to have your free exam online!


We’re also working on Saturdays to make orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible.We also offer easy payment plans for your treatment.


Unlike mail-order or quick fix companies that promise to fix your smile with scanning your teeth or taking an impression, making the aligners themselves, and mailing your aligners to you, letting you treat yourself (DIY),we offer thorough exams with our orthodontist, with unlilmited treatment visits throughout your treatment. Of course virtual visits can be substitued. And long lasting clear retainers to wear at night are then used when treatment is completed to keep your smile straight and healthy.

Even our pricing will make you smile.

Don’t let the thought of paying for the latest Clear Aligners keep you from the smile you would like. Our pricing and payment plans are designed to fit any budget.Start Clear Aligners for as little as 40.- CHF* a month!

For minor crowding or spacing of the front teeth

Latest Clear Aligners

40-/ month*

(A single jaw (the top or the bottom) is 25% less)

Includes unlimited orthodontic visits to our clinic

For moderate crowding or spacing of the front teeth

Latest Clear Aligners

79-/ month*

A single jaw (the top or the bottom) is 25% less

Includes unlimited orthodontic visits to our clinic

Comprehensive-correction of the bite and alignment of all the teeth

Latest Clear aligners

130-/ month*

Includes unlimited orthodontic visits to our clinic

For Children from age 8


46.-/ month*

Includes unlimited orthodontic visits to our clinic

For Teens


130.-/ month*

Includes unlimited orthodontic visits to our clinic

Clear Retainers are only 295.- CHF for 3 sets. We offer a 5% off prepayment discount on all orthodontic treatment.

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We are here to provide a safe environment by following WHO, CDC and Swiss federal and cantonal regulations.

Our minimal touch orthodontics will make your treatment comfortable and fast with a minimum of appointments

Our fees are transparent and low cost with affordable payment plans. For more information and to get started, we offer a free skype or WhatsApp video consultation.

You will receive a free devis by email.

After you have reviewed our recommendations, you can schedule an appointment from the email for a discussion in person or to scan your teeth to start treatment.

We are making orthodontic treatment easy with a minimum of appointments at our office.

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Your personalized care by Dr. Mark Kurchak at

Dr. Yassar BAKDACH

Orthodontist trained in Paris ,France with a solid experience of over 20 years. Quality care with all types of orthodontic techniques. Always listening to our patients for better understanding and treatment.

Dr. Mark Kurchak

Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics

Dr. Yassar BAKDACH

Orthodontist from Paris, France

Welcome to our office. We hope you will be amazed with the the latest technology we use to give you the smile you have been putting off. We have good news... most of our comprehensive orthodontic treatments can be accomplished in less than a year and the minor corrections in three to 6 months. Not only that, you do not have to worry about the pain usually associated with orthodontics or having uncomfortal braces showing. On top of all of this, we offer some of the best prices in Switzerland with very easy payment plans. We are pleased to welcome you and your family in our practice. Our clinic is dedicated exclusively to orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents and adults of all ages.

Come visit us with our complimentary exam for you and discover why so many of our patients refer their friends to see us. As you browse through our website, you can see that we will provide you with really exciting treatment choices.

-Dr. Yassar Bakdach, Dr. Mark Kurchak and staff

Our clinics are located

  • Lausanne Rue du Maupas 45. 1004 Lausanne
  • St-Aubin Rue des Centenaires 3. 2024 St-Aubin NE(between Neuchâtel and Yverdon)
  • Phone: 076.207.7000

Business hours

  • Tuesday - Friday 12h00 - 18h00
  • Saturday 09h00 - 12h00