2. Soft Tissue Disfunction - Removable myofunctional appliance treatment for children and adults

Soft Tissue Disfunction


Mouth breathing, tongue posture, swallowing and other disturbed praxis can cause:

  • malocclusions
  • disorders facial growth
  • recurrence
  • disorders ATM

Soft tissue dental determinant positions and must be considered in any treatment.

Normal class 1

Nice face, correct functions, tooth alignment, well developed arches, no cracking ATM, harmonious facial development.

Normal swallow

Labial competence, minimum activity, the mandible goes into occlusion, the lingual forces act on the development, arch form and tooth alignment, compression ATM is minimal.

Normal dental development

Cheeks broad, strong jaw, competent lips movement minimum lips, arcades well trained, good dental alignment.

Reverse swallow

Open lips, the mental hyperactivity, the mandible back, the tongue moves down and forward, the tongue deforms the maxillary arch, causing crowding and class II compression of ATM.

Mouth breathing

Incompetent lips, long narrow face, tongue posse forward, the mandible back, tongue deforms the arch, dental crowding, compression ATM.

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