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The MYOBRACE™ is a new concept in orthodontic treatment, and are designed to align the teeth and jaws while treating the causes of these problems.

10-15+ ANS

The MYOBRACE™ is an existing orthodontic system in 6 sizes, combining a flexible outer material silisone a more rigid inner material for active development of the arcade or restraint of expansion by dental meshing 4 to 4.

The MYOBRACE™ has significant alignment capability and is well accepted by the patient through the soft outer material. It is ideal for patients who want treatment without fixture. The distal ends are extended to cover the second molars. The size of the treatment apparatus in a por phase calculated from the area 2-2 maxilla.

Technical aspects

Orthodontic treatment system and stabilization with DYNAMICORE™. New patented technology.



The MYOBRACE™ is available in 6 sizes that cover the majority of patients. The measurement of the total width of greater than 4 incidives gives the appropriate size.



This table shows the dimensions of each MYOBRACE™.


Case studies

Fixed arch form with Farrell Bent Wire System. Here the MYOBRACE™ is used to maintain the development and align the teeth and the jaw. Alignment is fast. Wearing MYOBRACE™ must be continued. Brackets can sometimes be stuck temporarily if necessary. This is usually unnecessary. Usually our treatment time is reduced by 65%.


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