Periodontally-Assisted Rapid Treatment

Rapid Orthodontic treatment 2-4 times faster! (Three to nine months) with (periodontally facilitated) osteogenic orthodontic acceleration.

Benefits of the technique

  1. Shorter orthodontic treatment time.
  2. Achieve more than conventional orthodontics can not do: increase the range of dental malocclusion treatment . In borderline cases, orthognathic surgery to move the jaws can be avoided.
  3. Alveolar remodeling can achieve a subtle improvement of a patient's profile when indicated.

Rapid orthodontic (periodontally facilitated) osteogenic accleration or Wilckodontics Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics ( AOO)) . It is a relatively new technique designed to dramatically increase the rate of tooth movement.

Once the braces are placed (you can choose lingual braces (behind the teeth), transparent or metal braces), a periodontist will activate the bone. In most cases this procedure is performed under local anesthesia in his office, but sometimes it is more comfortable for the patient to perform the procedure under sedation. The bone surrounding the tooth roots is stimulated by removing a thin layer of cortical bone (compact bone surface) using ultrasound. Alveolar bone filling material is then placed to allow an increase in the volume of bone surrounding the teeth, thus giving more room for the teeth to move. Sutures are then placed. They disappear within 2 to 4 weeks or are removed by the periodontist.


As new bone starts to mineralize, braces can move the teeth rapidly. This is because the bone is soft and there is less resistance to the force of braces. It puts orthodontics on a fast track by incorporating changes in the structure of surrounding bone to accompany repositioning of the teeth. Dr. Mark Kurchak will then adjust your appliances approximately every other week to move the teeth to their desired locations. After the teeth have moved, the surrounding bone will regenerate, solidifying the results. Research has shown that treatment results are as stable and long-term as that of conventional braces treatment.

The rapid orthodontic (periodontally facilitated) method is available for most patients. When you visit us for your complimentary consultation, Dr. Mark Kurchak will discuss your various options.

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