Orthodontics at a low price and monthly payments for advanced braces: aligners, lingual or transparent. Orthodontist Lausanne and canton of Neuchâtel: Swiss Romande of Vaud, Genève, Valais, Fribourg, Jura. The triangle of north Vaud - south Friburg - Neuchâtel.

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寻找最好的牙齿矫正... Clinic Orthodontie1.ch Sàrl offers affordable orthodontic treatment in the latest innovations of orthodontic technology, including self-ligating (metal & clear) braces, lingual (behind the teeth) braces, Invisalign®, Harmony®, eClips® and Incognito®. We serve Suisse Romande: Vaud, Neuchtâl, Geneva, Valais, Jura, Fribourg. The region of Lausanne and the Neuchtâl - North Vaud – South Friborg Triangle

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